He’s…Kissing Me! — Oh-Hhh! At Last…At Last!


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i am a mild-mannered reporter and a part-time bar man. guinness is my drink. john wayne is my hero. i am kind to animals
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One Response to He’s…Kissing Me! — Oh-Hhh! At Last…At Last!

  1. thehumanscorch says:

    There was a raven fair maiden whose power to bewitch
    stretched upon men between and betwixt
    youth and power and fathers and flight
    and even her ancestors knew the potions of the night

    Alway in her wake said maiden did leave
    a trail of destruction most hard to believe
    Yet never a time both before and e’en aft
    was justice her due; nay, but she laughed

    at the virgins and nobles
    who desired her charms
    for she was able to draw
    many a knave into her arms

    And at the last report
    she was a thief not petty
    for she took marital wealth
    and technology now ready

    And became a super maiden!
    an “equal” she claimed
    of aliens and kings
    and heroes yet unnamed

    Yet for all of her schemes
    it seems fate had a twist
    for her power drew death
    to her fair lover’s kiss

    And the crowd did rejoice!
    For heavy was her vexing
    and all thought that the tale
    of the pink and perplexing

    had AT LAST reached an end. Emasculation
    now would cease, and the hero we loved
    should now quickly fly free.

    But alas. ‘Twas not so
    for to our horror and chagrin
    a golden haired miss
    that had e’er been called “friend”

    Seemed to inherit the crown!
    The crown of perdition
    as with forked tongue she spoke
    but ne’er of her true mission

    Which upon observation
    became frighteningly clear:
    Controlling the world with
    her voice in his ear.

    Yea, all those of power
    who flash and who fight
    seem helpless before
    her sun maned might

    and the town gasps in wonder
    Saying, “Why do they follow?”
    for nary a maiden
    should wield this much power

    in a land of green knights
    and of arrows and screams
    yet she like the first
    is bowed before, as a queen

    So who knows? we muse,
    where this tale yet may end…
    or upon thinking a bit longer,
    not where, but just WHEN?

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